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New Hampshire ASP Actio aims at biotech market for chemical tracking

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Tracking the purchase, use and disposal of chemicals has now become a more stringent practice due to stricter federal regulations and one local company is reaping the benefits.

Actio Corp., an application service provider based in Hampton, N.H., has been providing its web-based management service to both manufacturers and government agencies since 1998. Now it is adding a new group to its customer base and is releasing a new product.

Initially Actio was formed to provide material safety data sheets (MSDS) management to the circuit board and semiconductor industry because of the companies' clean rooms.

“There is a similar theme in the biotech market,” said Russ McCann, founder and chief executive of Actio. “So we are making a push into that market.”

Actio is making that push with its new Gatekeeper product, still in beta stage, which will help biotech businesses keep inventory of chemicals.

Until now researchers have been able to acquire chemicals for research and were not keeping tracking of its use, lifecycle or disposal. And there wasn't any infrastructure for tracking in place.

“It turns into an inventory and tracking nightmare for biotech companies,” McCann said. “The Gatekeeper allows them to wrap their arms around the inventor as well as regulate their chemical libraries.

“It's an issue of granulation,” he added. “They want to know where (the chemical) is located, what storage is required, and what it is used for.”

Market research shows that for every dollar spent on chemicals up to $10 is spent on the management and lifecycle of the chemical. The Gatekeeper can help eliminate that cost, according to McCann.

Using Gatekeeper, companies will also be in compliance with the myriad government regulations as the product routes chemical requests through all regulatory lists before the chemical is ordered.

Researchers also are alerted if a chemical is hazardous, carcinogenic or a pollutant and whether the chemical contains ingredients that require reporting or if it is permitted for use at a specific facility.

Currently, ERP systems such as PeopleSoft, Oracle and SAP provide inventory information based on manufacturing quantities Gatekeeper tracks inventory so that you know where it is located, who requested it and who authorized the purchase.

The chemical management system market is a $17 to $19 billion market in the U.S. and companies in that market generated revenues of $1.2 billion in 2003, according to San Francisco-based Chemical Strategies Partnership, a non-profit focused on reducing chemical use and waste.

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