New Look, Same Great Company


Courtesy of The Compliance Center (ICC)

Niagara Falls, NY --- September 15, 2010--- ICC Compliance Center is very proud to announce the launch of our re-branding campaign.   Our refreshed image is designed to support our vision to become the recognized North American industry expert and provider for transportation, health and safety compliance products and consulting services.   

ICC Compliance Center has seen a tremendous amount of growth and change over the past 25 years.  While we continue to grow and improve, our commitment to provide you with quality compliance products and services at competitive prices, remains our top priority.

“Careful and consistent implementation of the new logo and branding guidelines will go a long way towards creating a distinct visual culture for ICC,” says our senior graphic designer Paul Panfalone, who developed the concept for the new look. “We are focused on reaching our vision, and feel that this new look will ultimately solidify our image as the industry leader in hazmat compliance,” says Karrie Ishmael, Director of Marketing.

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