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New model of municipal solid waste management

In the current scenario, the waste is an indicator of socioeconomic development. So, the more booming economy is, the greater the volume of produced waste. The downside of this scenario is the result of technological bottlenecks of conventional management models. In this context, this paper discusses and proposes a new model for urban solid waste (USW) management, based on the methodology/technology developed at the university. Therefore, the environmental diagnosis and the identification of the advantages/disadvantages of conventional models have been performed, followed up by a new management model based on distinguished methods during the following phases: collection, transport, treatment and final disposal of USW. The results have shown the technical/economical/financial viability of this new technology, in which waste is no longer a cost factor, but an investment opportunity. In this proposal, prevails the economic returns and the impacts on the environment and society are also positive.

Keywords: urban waste, waste collection, transport, waste processing, waste treatment, municipal solid waste, solid waste management, waste disposal, investment opportunity, economic returns, environmental impact, societal impact

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