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New N2O monitor for occupational health and safety - Case Study


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The Geotech G200 range of N2O analysers measures N2O at 0-1000ppm or at 0-100 percent with accuracy, speed and ease-of-use.

With options for CO2, O2 and CO, the G200 range can assist anaesthetists and consultants in operating theatres, midwifery, dental surgeries, X-ray departments, hospital waiting rooms and veterinary surgeries with patient and occupational Health and Safety with nitrous oxide (N2O).

Measuring N2O TWA exposure

The G200 in occupational health specification measures low-range background N2O in ppm. When carried as a personal exposure monitor the G200 gives an eight hour time weighted average (TWA) exposure for which the COSHH, EH40 limit is 100ppm. Alternatively it can measure background N2O levels or operate in 'rapid-response' leak-detection mode. These functions are designed to help prevent anaesthetists and others working with N2O from prolonged exposure to low-range N2O and comply with occupational exposure limits.

Piped medical gas verification

In its piped-gas check specification, as the G210, the analyser measures concentration of N2O and optionally O2 both from zero to one hundred percent. With N2O it measures CO2 at 0-2000ppm and with the O2 option, CO at 0-500ppm. This can help medical staff and consultants ensure piped medical gases are as specified and safe. The G210 also includes the option of a 16-character ID for unique site and piped gas sample point location against which it stores each reading.

New technology

These new Geotech G200 N2O analysers give users greater accuracy, precision and speed with all of the functions, options and connectivity expected of the latest equipment. Newly designed and engineered, the G200 analysers are the ultra-modern replacements for two previous Geotech models and are based on Geotech's experience and customer-focused research. At the heart of the new G200, designed and built by Geotech at its UK, Leamington Spa HQ, is a custom Geotech-designed infrared absorption N2O analysis cell. This cell is greatly improved and gives maximum sensitivity and accuracy with very low-range N2O. The onboard electronics and microcontroller use the latest available and proven technology which increase data storage and ease-of-use. They give longer life and enable PC and Internet connectivity. The on-board rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts for at least eight hours with the pump running continuously and for more than 12 hours in normal use. Connection to the recharger also offers a continued 'powered' use, as does a PC USB socket power supply. Against each unique location ID the G200 stores up to 1000 sets of readings of date, time and gases analysed. Data can be screen-viewed or transferred to Geotech's optional Analyser Data Manager Software via PC-USB cable. Users can also download calibration events and an analyser's set-up profiles to copy to another G200, then ready for immediate use. PC connectivity also provides global Internet access for remote, down-the-line diagnostics and firmware updates if necessary.

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