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New Nozzle Technology “Cleaning More with Less”


Courtesy of Scientific Dust Collectors

This technical paper will explain the new nozzle technology developed by Scientific Dust Collectors that allows high air-to-cloth ratio baghouses to use 80psig of compressed air instead of the industry standard 100psig.


The reverse pulse jet baghouse has been around for over 50 years and the cleaning cycle has not changed very much during that time. The cleaning cycle is the most important part of the dust collector because it controls efficiency and media life. In a generic baghouse, the cleaning system is comprised of a blowpipe that is located approximately three inches above the bag, with an orifice and a venturi, which is located at the top of the bag/cage. This system uses bursts of compressed air at 100psi and back flushes one row of filters at a time during the cleaning cycle. This cleaning system has some deficiencies and thus Scientific Dust Collectors (SDC) introduced a special converging/diverging nozzle based cleaning system in 1981. SDC eliminated the venturi and provided a unique and patented cleaning system, which significantly improved cleaning, filter life, and lowered pressure drop. Over these many years, SDC’s technology has been field proven in a wide variety of applications providing longer filter life while using less filters than other manufacturers.




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