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New PET recycling plant at PFR Nord - Case Study


The Mensing Unternehmensgruppe in Hohenwestedt (Germany) invests almost 10 million Euros in the construction of a new PET recycling plant. The construction of the recycling plant is associated with the new foundation of the PFR Nord GmbH in Hohenweststedt, where almost 30 new workplaces have been created. Altogether, the Mensing Group, which also includes the AFA Nord GmbH and the TM Recycling GmbH, employs a staff of 80.

A modern PET recycling plant should be set up. PET in different qualities will be purchased, in order to separate PET Clear from impurities and offcolors and to thus gain high-purity PET. Following the sorting process, the PET Clear will be shredded, washed and sold as PET Flakes.

The new PET Clear processing plant of the PFR Nord GmbH has Gmbhas been in operation since the beginning of June 2013. In this plant, about 100 tons of PET bottles are processed every day. The entire sorting plant was planned, manufactured and put into operation by BT-Wolfgang Binder. REDWAVE sorting machines (a brand of the BTWolfgang Binder GmbH) are used there for the production of PET Clear of highest purity. PET in bales of different qualities (80/20; 90/10; 95/5, …) are purchased. The bales are opened and separated by means of bale openers, then the magnetic parts are removed using overbelt magnets. A ballistic separator separates films and fines. Subsequently, the 3D fraction is fed over an eddy current separator in order to separate the aluminium.

Due to this multi-stage sorting, high-purity PET Clear is produced

Impurities such as PVC and other plastics are then removed by means of REDWAVE NIR/C sorting machines. These sorting machines are operated using near infrared spectroscopy (for material recognition) and are additionally equipped with color sensors. Therefore, both colours and materials can be sorted or separated in a single sorting process. Color sorting including recovery occurs in the ensuing steps, again with REDWAVE NIR/C sorting machines. Due to this multi-stage sorting, high-purity PET Clear is produced. After sorting, the sorted PET Clear will be shredded and washed and sold as PET flakes.

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