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The K81 accommodation platform, bridge linked to the NAM gas production platform, houses 24 employees. With every-tightening legislative restrictions and increasing disposal costs, Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappii B.V. required a cost effective and compliant solution to treat the waste discharged to sea. Proven in offshore installations for over 20 years, the compact twin shaft, low speed Series ‘A’ Muncher from Mono is the ideal

Sewage from the toilet and shower blocks, together with canteen waste, is gravity-fed through the unit located on the lower deck, and the macerated flow is then discharged to sea. The Muncher disintegrates all solids within the flow, with no further treatment required. The ‘munched’ solids are dispersed quickly, with most being consumed as organic foodstuff. Macerating the raw sewage and grey water at a rate of 60m3/h, the unit is also built to withstand the offshore environment, supplied in gunmetal to offer corrosion, wear and spark resistance.

Each shaft is fitted with a series of interleaving cutters and spacers to give positive displacement solids grinding.

The Muncher allows liquid to pass through the cutter stacks, filtering and trapping the contained solids. All of its high torque power is then put into the solids grinding to ensure optimum efficiency.

The shaft and cutter speed of 85 rpm offers low cutter tip speeds, and therefore dramatically reduces wear rates in comparison to high speed macerators, also reducing noise levels on the accommodation platform.

Supplied with a weather-proof control panel and integral PLC unit, automatic protection is offered to the Muncher by shutting it down if any solids will not pass through after three attempts. Although these shut downs are quite rare, damage is prevented to the equipment and those on deck are alerted to the problem.

The addition of a lifting frame and simple construction of the unit ensures ease of access and installation.

Mono Pumps, commissioned by contractor SLP Engineering Ltd, has achieved a high vendor rating for its service and response time and has subsequently been awarded a new contract to supply equipment for a second platform.

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