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Courtesy of TRIC Tools Inc.

In-house pipe bursting provides a cost-effective solution for I & I reduction


Replace 200 miles of aging sewer pipe at 5 miles/year over 40 years with predictable costs and reliable ROI, to get rid of I/I spikes in one of the wettest climates on America’s West Coast.

We help this California sewer authority meet its primary objective of combating I/I issues to become a frontrunner in wastewater management by solving problems before they start with an in-house pipebursting crew. We consulted and trained the team through an 18-month pilot program over two seasons, which proved the math for economies of scale. It also led directly to a much-needed and long-awaited lateral replacement grant program that saw 75 accepted applications and disbursal of $248,000 for such work within 8 months. Read Full Story

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