New Roll-Off Makes it Easier to be Green

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Wilkinson iron & metal may have started in the small Texas town of Brownsville, but the business is going as strong as the steel they recycle. Jim Wilkinson grew up around the recycling industry with his grandfather starting out in 1937. Wilkinson took over the business in 1966, serving the southern area of Texas as well as northern Mexico.

Collecting Scrap Metal
For Wilkinson, the scrap industry is pretty straightforward. They collect scrap metal of all kinds and transport it by rail to a smelting plant in Mexico where the metals are refined and eventually return to the U.S. as a raw material. In most cases, the scrap metal comes to Wilkinson through other hauling companies, so the need for a large fleet of vehicles is minimal at this point in time. However, Wilkinson does have several of his own container trucks to provide scrap removal and hauling services to other companies. Empty containers are delivered to businesses to be filled and then 'swapped out' once they are full.

Wilkinson only acquires new equipment when the need arises. As existing trucks become a burden through service maintenance costs, they are replaced. One truck in particular led him to search for a state-of-the-art truck. The Palfinger American Roll-Off truck he found was not only their newest model, but the quality was also there, along with the right price. Another key factor that made fueled his decision was availability. The truck was already built up and ready to go on the dealer's lot.

Adding a Palflnger Solution
Wilkinson's most recent addition of a PALFINGER American Roll-off (PARO) truck package has many qualities that make it a unique vehicle. The truck itself is a newer Kenworth model. The T440 has a configuration for regional hauling, city pickup and deliver)*, municipal and vocational applications. The bed features a PARO ARL 60-22 that accommodates container beds that are 10' to 22' long with a carrying capacity of 60,000 lbs. Hi Tech Truck Rigging & Equipment, the PARO dealer in the Houston area, put the truck package together.

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