New sand wasing system brings increased efficiency

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The introduction of new sand washing technology to Poland has seen many quarry operators enjoy substantial increases in efficiency and product quality in recent times.

The first company in Poland to install one of the CDE Evowash sand washing systems was Zaklad Produkcji Kruszyw (ZPK). This plant, purchased in early 2007 was brought in to specifically address the issue of substantial quantities of commercial grade sand being lost to onsite ponds as a result of the inefficiencies of the existing sand washing plant – in this instance a dewatering wheel. Located in Szumowo in the North East of Poland, ZPK operate eight quarries and once the first CDE Evowash plant had proved its capability there were further orders for three more Evowash sand plants to be installed at other sites operated by the company.

According to Mr Kazmierz Rupinksi of ZPK the Evowash system offered substantially increased production of commercial grade sand while at the same time reducing the costs of operation by reducing the quantity of material being sent to the onsite ponds. Another reason for the success of the EvoWash system according to Mr Rupinski is the very low moisture content of the final sand product, which at only 12% means that the sand is ready for market straight from the belts.

“On paper the CDE plant offered the best performance available and once installed we realised that this level of performance was indeed possible” says Mr Rupinski of ZPK. “The further orders we placed with CDE are recognition of the success of the Evowash system in increasing production and decreasing costs for our business.”

Another company experiencing a similar situation to ZPK were Wolimex, located near Krakow in the south of Poland. Once again, Wolimex employed a dewatering wheel at their site when Roman Gorski first made contact. CDE were able to demonstrate through their previous experience at ZPK that the EvoWash sand washing plant would allow Wolimex to increase their current production capacity while also reducing the costs of maintaining their on site ponds.

“Our previous washing system was sending a large volume of good quality sand to the ponds and the costs of maintaining these ponds and reprocessing the material were escalating to such an extent that we needed to find a solution” explains Eugeniusz Wojak of Wolimex. “Having seen the Evowash sand plant in operation we were convinced that it offered us a solution to this problem. Since installation the plant has performed as promised and has increased the efficiency of our operation significantly”

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