New single-shaft waste shredder set to take UK by storm


Courtesy of UNTHA UK LTD

Riverside Waste Machinery – one of the country’s leading providers of waste balers and shredders – is set to take the waste management industry by storm this summer when it introduces a powerful new innovation in single-shaft engineering to the UK marketplace.

Hot on the heels of the successful TR launch in 2009, the VR shredder series was officially revealed by prestigious manufacturer UNTHA in Austria in late 2010. But now there’s not long to wait until it becomes an inspiring part of the UK’s waste processing agenda thanks to Riverside – the UK’s sole distributor of UNTHA’s revolutionary shredding technology.

Suitable for a range of applications including plastics, paper, cardboard and wood, the shredder boasts a host of new design concepts that will reap greater efficiencies for the user.

For example the VR contains an innovative new drive mechanism that has not been used on a shredder before, but is more commonly seen in heavy-duty applications such as mining and road-planing machines. The gearbox sits neatly inside the shredder’s rotor – what is now the largest on the market – and drives through the full 700mm diameter as opposed to only a small diameter stub shaft. Because the rotor diameter is so great, the rotor speed can be reduced without compromising the cutter tip speed. Even with the reduced RPM there is an unparalleled rate of throughput. Clients could expect to shred up to 7 tonnes of plastic bottles per hour, or 5 tonnes of wooden pallets per hour for example.

Operational simplicity is achieved by using touch screens, plus all clients’ shredding data can now be digitally logged and sent to UNTHA’s Austrian headquarters for interrogation. Ongoing assessment of running conditions will not only prevent things going wrong but it will also help to ensure continuous efficiencies for the client long after the initial installation.

Other features of the VR include better foreign object detection, a maintenance-free ram device and interchangeable and indexable cutters. All of this combines to ensure outstanding reliability and consistently high results even under the most difficult conditions.

Riverside Waste Machinery managing director Chris Oldfield believes that the VR really does represent the next generation of waste shredding technology. Considering its positioning in the marketplace, Chris explains: “The introduction of this shredder is significant for many reasons. Not only does it mean that the UNTHA and Riverside team has an even larger portfolio of powerful machines for UK clients, but it illustrates the evermore intelligent nature of waste management solutions.

“Clients continually want more and more from their machinery. The VR series has therefore been developed with the input of experienced industry operators, to ensure the shredder closely fits the requirements of modern waste applications. There is no point introducing technology simply for the sake of it. Clients are continuously striving to achieve ever greater efficiencies, so the solutions we provide must support and proactively encourage smarter working.

“As with any company in today’s competitive and often challenging business environment, UNTHA and Riverside cannot afford to stand still. The UNTHA brand is renowned for being pioneering, and the things we’ve got to show the industry throughout the course of 2011 will show just why this is the case.”

Aesthetically, the VR waste shredder follows the same modern, clean and recognisable design of UNTHA’s other new machinery. Visitors to the 2011 RWM (in partnership with CIWM) exhibition will be able to see the machine for themselves when it will appear under the spotlight on the Riverside stand. For further information about this, or any other waste shredder or waste baler, please contact the Riverside team on T: 0845 450 5388 or http://www.wastemachinery.co.uk.

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