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New sludge blanket level analyzer from Entech

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Entech Design, Inc.’s BinMinder 9300 features a multi-channel analyzer designed for superior sludge level detection in the full range of water and wastewater applications.

The system consists of an analyzer that is capable of operating from one to four sensors or transducers for reliable and cost-effective measurement. Measurements are made by transmitting a high frequency sound wave and measuring the interval between sensor origin and the sludge blanket below.

Since the transmit speed is known, elapsed time can be converted to the distance between the sensor and the sludge blanket interface. BinMinder 9300 features a simple and easy to use automatic initialization routine upon startup and an automatic gain feature for continued operation.

Automatic self-cleaning wiper transducers as well as high temperature stainless steel transducers are also available. BinMinder 9300-ETS combines ultrasonic sludge level measurement and reliable 90 degree scattered light turbidity in a dual purpose sensor.

Water and wastewater applications for BinMinder 9300 include clarifiers, thickeners, sedimentation basins, contact clarifiers, raw water clarifiers, dewatering bins, round and rectangular tanks, and many other municipal and industrial applications.

Primary benefits include reduced labor costs and exposure to unsanitary process environment, automatic sludge pumping (RAS and WAS), advance warning of solids wash out and other clarifier upset conditions, optimized effluent water quality, and maximized underflow concentration.

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