New software monitors baler and compactor service


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The True Cost of Equipment Repairs

One thing all business owners and managers know is that downtime of any equipment, especially back-room waste and recycling equipment, is costly.  Not only can baler and compactor service be expensive, but the loss in revenue from delayed recycling and in the slowing down of daily operations can negatively affect your bottom line.  These problems become exponential when your business has operations in more than one site or geographic region.

Equally frustrating at times, is the amount of personal effort it takes to place multiple phone calls to a service company or follow up with other stores and employees in your own business to ensure that their repairs are being handled in the most efficient manner possible.  Recording and keeping track of these repairs while they happen, and especially over the time of the life of the machine can be an arduous task. The cost of employee time in dealing with these issues can be significant.

In An Ideal World…

Would a business manager want software that monitors baler and compactor service?  In an ideal world, YES!  Successful managers understand the correlation between time and money.  In an ideal setting, they would want to track the service of their equipment to able to:

  • Confirm that equipment problems have been diagnosed properly
  • Know when service technician orders have been placed
  • Not worry if repair work can be done on off-brand equipment
  • Confirm replacement parts have been ordered
  • Arrange schedules and track ETA’s
  • Ensure that the work is repair work is done properly and on time
  • View and make comments on important documents and photos related to repairs
  • Have the opportunity to comment on the quality of the work and efficiency in which it was done
  • Track invoicing and payment in an organized manner
  • Monitor the performance of the equipment over its life of use and schedule preventive maintenance visits

The New Harmony Enterprises’ Advantage Software Monitors Baler and Compactor Service

This is no longer a wish for people in these decision-making roles!  Harmony Enterprises’ Advantage Customer Service Software has been designed to do all of these things for the service of your equipment from the convenience of your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Whether your business consists of a single site operation or a corporate chain with many sites, this software will help you to create, track, manage, and direct your service all through an open-sourced cloud-based platform.  Harmony Enterprises’ Advantage and the world-class Customer Service Department at Harmony Enterprises eliminate the need to make unnecessary calls to schedule maintenance, track down the status of repairs, or worry about invoicing on any brand, make, or model of equipment!

From your software dashboard you can schedule, monitor, confirm, comment, update, and follow up on any equipment or service repair.  This reduces downtime of your essential backroom equipment and ensures the most efficient repair service will take place for your business.

Another important feature of this software is that each individual service case is time stamped, sorted, and stored for reference and easy retrieval.  This assists with preventive maintenance scheduling and increasing the life of your equipment.  Data graphs are generated showing how many service calls are out at the same time, where they are occurring, and the days of the week that they take place most frequently.

Put the ease of customer service management at your fingertips – get the Harmony Enterprises’ Advantage today!

Harmony Enterprises, Inc. makes balers, compactors, and beverage extraction equipment for waste and recycling. We also provide industry leading customer service and warranty options as part of a total global solutions approach. We are relentlessly committed to creating quality innovative products that will help our customers save time and money in their daily operations.

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