New Supply Chain Insight (SCi) Tool, Helps Companies Improve Sustainability Performance of their Supply Chains


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PHILADELPHIA - Five Winds International announced the launch of a unique tool to help companies manage and improve the environmental and social performance of their supply chains. Supply Chain Insight Tool (SCi) ® provides companies with the information they need to better understand, manage and integrate social and environmental sustainability into their supply chain procurement strategies. Tracy Nilsson, Five Winds Senior Consultant on Supply Chain Management stated 'leading companies know that understanding and improving environmental and social performance is a key component of a successful business strategy — one that creates value and eliminates risks'.

Many top retailers and brands like IKEA, Nike, Levis, and Marks & Spencer are working collaboratively with suppliers on targeted products and programs. In many cases these companies are asking their suppliers to report on their activities in areas such as, how products and materials are sourced, how much energy and water is used to produce the product and what are the working conditions in the factories owned or controlled by the supplier.

To respond to the growing demand for this type of information, the Supply Chain Insight Tool® (SCi) was developed by Five Winds International to guide companies through a comprehensive list of questions targeted at gaining a better understanding of their supply chain business practices. According to Kevin Brady Director of Strategic Sustainability Services at Five Winds, 'our clients are consistently asking us how to move sustainability requirements along their supply chains; we created the Supply Chain Insight to help them understand how do to this systematically and effectively'.

The Supply Chain Insight Tool® (SCi) and associated analysis provides companies with an understanding how to start and maintain a sustainable supply chain program. It provides a comprehensive gap assessment and recommended set of actions to give companies which will result in business benefits such as:

  • Identifying where supply chain pressures and risks may impact your business
  • Deepening the understanding of sustainability performance issues that can differentiate a company's supply chain from competitors
  • Uncovering opportunities to communicate and leverage current environmental and social initiatives within the supply chain

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