New technology for municipal scale compost operations

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Courtesy of Air Phaser Environmental Ltd.

There is a new facility located in Ontario, Canada that accepts construction and demolition waste (C&D) and 100,000 TPY of source separated organics (SSO) waste. The owners chose a new non-thermal plasma (NTP) system to control the odor in its 120,000 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) air emissions. This NTP system is very compact, fits easily on a platform, is configured as a number of parallel operating units (see Fig. 1 – the boxes with the green lights), thus it is fault tolerant. Should any single module shut down then the air just spreads through the other operating units. It uses only a modest amount of electricity, about 1 watt (or less) per cfm, it is instant on, fully adjustable in both manual and automatic modes, and when in automatic it able to automatically adjust to changing odor conditions.

This technology passes all air through the highly energetic non-thermal plasma (NTP) fields to neutralize the odor in the air. This transforms the airborne odorous compounds as they pass through the NTP by triggering simultaneous oxidation and reduction reactions in the presence of atomic oxygen and other reactive oxygen species. Since all reactions are in the presence of an intense electrical field (the NTP field) and are in air, the gas phase reactions are extremely fast, the majority of them take place in a fraction of a second. There are some subsequent slower reactions continuing in the exhaust duct that involves some hydroxyls, peroxyls and peroxides formed in the NTP field with the moisture in the air and this all helps in the neutralization of the odor. The system is PLC controlled and keeps the exhaust air constant by using an outlet gas analyzer to provide feedback to a controller that modulates the power to the NTP field automatically to compensate for any odor changes in the inlet air.

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