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New TOC sensor wins Gold IBO award for portable instrument design

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In 2006, the USEPA singled out the distribution system as the most vulnerable component of a utility’s drinking water system. In response, many waterworks are taking a closer look at how they may protect the public’s drinking water. One option is to place online water quality panels throughout the distribution system to detect a change in the baseline water quality.

The cost of implementing a water quality panel is not only a capital investment, but also includes labor to support the instrumentation on that panel. More robust analytical equipment that necessitate limited operator interface, infrequent replacement of reagents or carrier gases, and extended calibration periods can save a utility manpower, and therefore money, over time.

From testing performed by the USEPA, total organic carbon (TOC) was identified as one of the most important parameters for detecting a threat compound in drinking water. Therefore, a robust TOC analyser is essential for efficiently monitoring public drinking water.

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