New Type of Oil Processing Machine’s Working Principle


The New Type of Oil Processing Machine of Win Tone reply on mechanical pressure to let the oil separation from the oil plants, this method of mechanical pressure is a pure natural pollution-free authentic first virgin oil, it protects the rich in vitamins, lecithin, unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of nutrients, and the new type of oil processing machine also make the oil concentration high, but the use of ordinary oil is only 1/2 of common oil. The new type of oil processing machine is power by deceleration transmitted to the spindle, presses out the spiral on the spindle with the rotation, the thread of oil will continue to move forward. As the space between the squeezed chamber and the squeezed oil gradually reduced, the density of the oil increased, so the pressure gradually increased. In the squeezing process, between the oil particles, and between the fuel oils and the components friction, generating heat, so as to form the oil extracting pressure, heat of the two major elements, broken ring of fuel cells, oil overflows from the oil line, and the cake from a cake head and out between the mouth of the cake is pushed out. When the overflow of oil in the new type of oil processing machine through the oil pan into the filtration barrel above, the vacuum pump the barrel of the air out, barrel form a negative pressure, oil with the filter cloth, being pumped into the barrel, but the deisel oil were quarantined in the cloth above, then we will get this is pure liquid oil.

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