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New Wonder Wand Coil Cleaning Tools are here!

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New Wonder Wand coil cleaning tools are here! Designed for Type 2 (wet) coil cleaning. They will maximize your residential and light commercial coil cleaning productivity (for greater profits) and cleaning quality (for greater customer satisfaction).

These pneumatic tools are the perfect cleaning tools for residential “A” coils, pleated coils and light commercial rooftop coils. With its extremely low water flow (that can be soaked up with a towel) it can even be use to clean coils without drain pans like re-heat coils and condenser coils.  Choose from the single spray nozzle Wonder Wands to the triple spray nozzle Wonder Wand. Clean coils reduce energy consumption, improve comfort control and delivers great return on investment for your customers!

Typical Coil Cleaning Procedure:

  • First, clean the coil using Type 1 - dry methods (contact vacuuming, air washing, gentle brushing).
  • If additional cleaning is needed move onto Type 2 - wet methods (using your Wonder Wand Coil Cleaning Tools).
  • Connect the air line from you compressor to the Wonder Wand air flow on/off controller – ball valve or trigger (make sure they sure its in the closed position).
  • Place the pick-up tube/sinker into your container of coil cleaning solution. Be sure to follow instructions on coil cleaning label for appropriate concentrations.
  • Have a container of rinse water standing by.
  • Open air flow controller allowing air to flow to the spray nozzle. This air will siphon up the coil cleaning solution through the pick-up tube, spray wand and spray nozzle to deliver the coil cleaning solution to your coil fins.
  • Let coil cleaning solution sit for the specific time per the product label so it can loosen up adhered dirt/debris on the fins.
  • Rinse off coil cleaning solution with rinse water by moving the pick-up tube/sinker from the coil cleaning solution to the container of rinse water.
  • When using the Wonder Wand Triple you will need more coil cleaning solution and rinse water because each of the three spray nozzle has it’s own pick-up tube.

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