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In 2003 the city of Newport began a study of upgrading the city’s waste water treatment plant. Plant flows were increasing and the city wanted to process sewage from septage haulers handling recreational development in the area.

Esvelt Environmental Engineering Company was selected to do the study and facility design. One of the first decisions made was rather than expand aeration basins, the needed additional plant capacity could be obtained by thickening the digester feed, thereby reducing expansion costs. Another decision made early on was to add sludge dewatering to reduce haulage costs to landfill, instead of liquid hauling.

The engineer and city selected BDP Industries’ model 3DP Belt Press as the basis of design because of dual operational capability, “Thickening and Dewatering”. Another benefit was the capability to customize the gravity section of the press to provide adequate filtration area to handle very dilute sludge in an emergency.

At the end of the independent gravity zone, there is a screw conveyor / flop gate assembly that diverts thickened sludge to a thickened sludge sump to the side of the press, see above photo. From there the sludge is pumped to digestion. The gravity zone length was extended to 17ft to provide adequate filtration area for handling sludge as dilute as 3000mg/l.

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