News on Air 2013, Volume 1: Products for Sampling

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Courtesy of MilliporeSigma

For decades, Sigma-Aldrich has been a key supplier of innovative & high technology air monitoring products for various areas of gas/air sampling. Enclosed, you will find an overview on new and interesting devices to improve or simplify your air sampling.

Supelco and Sigma-Aldrich offer a range of active and passive air sampling products, in addition to various analytical chemistry tools (reference standards, reagents, solvents, GC columns, HPLC columns, sample preparation products) for the accurate and reliable determination of air-borne contamination.

In this issue, you will find links to chromatograms for a few typical air monitoring applications, as well as detailed supporting information on air sampling techniques and products for specific industries; such as:

• Vapor Intrusion

• Agricultural Comtaminents

• Petrochemical Industry

• Paints & Coatings

• Chinese Drywall Contamination

• Welding Processes

• Anesthetic Gases in Healthcare

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