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Next generation of UV systems to showcased at WEFTEC 2010


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With atg UV Technology systems treating in excess of 5,000 m3/hr daily, Ultraviolet disinfection is no longer an ‘emerging' technology.  atg UV Technology will be attending WEFTEC 2010, (Booth 1438) and in addition to exhibiting their wide selection of conventional UV disinfection systems and services, technical experts will be on hand to discuss their soon to be released new range of UVLX high intensity, low pressure UV Systems.

The UVLX Ultraviolet disinfection range will be the first 800 Watt, low pressure amalgam UV systems available to the municipal industry for disinfection and photolysis, and utilises the latest amalgam lamp technology available.  Exhibiting alongside their US sister company ETS UV, technical engineers will demonstrate how the break through UVLX design will offer the efficiencies of current low pressure amalgam technologies, with the advantages of medium pressure UV systems such as increased UV output, larger flows and a much smaller installation footprint.

The amalgam lamp technology will be incorporated into closed vessel UV reactors and will be targeted for use in a wide range of applications including drinking water, waste water, reuse/recycled water, and industrial process water. 

'Times in the industry are changing', says Patrick Bollman, Municipal Operations Manager of ETS UV.  'There is a greater focus on energy savings (going green and reducing carbon footprint) without impacting the quality of water that is being discharged'.  With the development of the new line of UVLX 800 Watt, low pressure reactors, that incorporate the latest new development in amalgam technology, we are excited about the opportunity to provide municipalities with a more flexible, green technology option in their selection of UV systems. 

This significant advancement in product development will allow atg UV Technology and ETS UV to offer an energy efficient, high output system that will use the lowest number of lamps and other consumable components in the UV industry today.  Additionally, advanced CFD modelling software and 3D CAD design makes the UVLX the most compact, small foot print, low pressure UV system available on the market in relation to UV output.   

atg UV has in-depth working knowledge of the municipal water industry, and over 30 years of experience in supplying UV systems to drinking water and waste water companies worldwide.  Alongside the new UVLX 800 Watt system, atg UV's product line offers a range of fully validated systems that delivers a 40 RED dose for flows as small as 10 m3/hr to over 2,500 m3/hr within a single high output, small footprint, medium pressure UV system.  For larger flows, systems are offered as packages, utilising units placed in either series or parallel configurations.

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