NILU assists Senegal

NILU has been asked by the Conseil Exécutif des Transports Urbains de Dakar (CETUD) for support in establishing a Central Laboratory with an Air Quality Management System for Dakar. The project is funded by the Nordic Development Fund.

A first mission to Dakar was undertaken in May-June 2005. The final contract between NILU and CETUD was signed and the project was presented in a seminar with several of the involved parties.

The QADAK project

The project entitled  “Amelioration de la qualité de l’air en milieu urbain” (QADAK) is part of the “Programme d’Amélioration de la Mobilité Urbaine” (PAMU) operated by the Conseil Exécutif des Transports Urbains de Dakar (CETUD).

NILU will support Dakar in obtaining a specialised air quality laboratory including a monitoring and air quality management system. A considerable part of institutional building and training has been included in the project.

NILU assists Senegal

Air quality monitoring and management

The starting point for identifying the air pollution problem will be to design a monitoring network. NILU started to collect existing information on air quality and meteorology in Dakar in 2005. This task has been divided into the following activities:

  • Identify existing air quality data and meteorological data
  • Identify main potential air pollution sources
  • Perform simple dispersion modelling to identify hotspots 
  • Design and perform screening study

All existing air pollution and meteorological data will be evaluated. A screening study has also been designed to evaluate the existing situation.

Based on the results from these investigations NILU will design a permanent network for air quality monitoring in Dakar.

The air quality assessment tool

The basis for the air pollution databases, modelling facilities and assessment and planning will be the AirQUIS system. The modern Air quality management system, AirQUIS, consists of several components and makes use of integrated menus and GIS to obtain a user-friendly tool.
The system integrates on the same GIS based platform:

  • Measurement data,
  • Emission inventorying,
  • Air quality modelling and assessment.

This also enables the user to perform forecasting of future air quality and development of cost-effective abatement strategies. Dessimintaion of the results to the public may also be included.

NILU assists Senegal

Air quality administration and management

The structure of the Air Quality management of the City of Dakar will be assessed. To do this work NILU will co-operate with local experts. Persons that are responsible for this activity will be consulted to give information on how AQ management is organized in Dakar. The outcome of the activity will be a description of the existing structure.

The existing structure will then be assessed and compared to existing structures in Norway and in the EU. This will result in identification of gaps (if any) that are necessary to fill, in order to achieve an effective Air Quality (AQ) management in the City of Dakar.

A central air quality laboratory

NILU will also support Senegal in designing and establishing a Central Air Quality Laboratory in Dakar. The main objective is to identify and establish the institution in Dakar that will be responsible for the air quality monitoring and management programme.

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