NILU developed the air quality monitoring programme for Egypt

The Environmental Information and Monitoring Programme (EIMP) for Egypt was successfully implemented during a five-year period from 1996 to 2001. From mid-2001 and onwards the EIMP has been operated by the Egypt Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA).

The air quality monitoring programme was developed by NILU in a co-operation with COWI A/S in Denmark and funded by Danida. COWI was responsible for the total EIMP programme. NILU will from February 2003 participate in the continuation and consolidation of the programme.

The air quality monitoring programme
The NILU input has been highly appreciated by EEAA (and COWI). In a statement from COWI it was pointed out that the success story represented by the EIMP programme is in our line of business worth taking care of and cherish!

NILU developed the air quality monitoring programme for Egypt

Two EEAA full-time professional staff members are presently working on air quality monitoring together with the two contracted monitoring institutions, IGSR in Alexandria and CEHM in Cairo.

The air quality monitoring system is operating 43 stations all over Egypt with the last station established in Kaha in October 2001. The software for air data management is operating satisfactorily as is the equipment, which is maintained by CEHM. Out of a total of some 60 monitors, 4-5 are currently taken in for repair meaning that the overall operational efficiency of the equipment is in the order of 90% which is considered very satisfactory.

Utilisation of monitoring data:

The overall objective of the EIMP is that quality data on the environment shall be used for policy making and specific actions for improvement of the ambient environment in Egypt.

Air quality data are transferred on a daily basis from most of the monitoring sites. Daily reports are produced on the air quality in Cairo and submitted to the EEAA Early Warning System. The results are being used during smog episodes in Cairo to identify areas and parameters where industries are contributing significantly to air pollution and hence to request industries to reduce emissions during periods where specific meteorological conditions favour smog development.

NILU developed the air quality monitoring programme for Egypt

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