NILU establish office in United Arab Emirates

Based on the success with major clients in Abu Dhabi the last years, NILU's board has decided to open a branch office in Abu Dhabi, covering the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and neighbouring countries. This is the second international office NILU is opening, the previous one being in Poland. The office will be established during the first months of 2005.

NILU is currently working for The Environmental Research and Wildlife Development Agency (ERWDA) to design and specify a complete state of the art air quality management solution for the agency. Another ongoing project is to monitor air quality outside the ADWEA facilities.

In 2004 NILU delivered a major Front-End Engineering and Design project (FEED) for Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) with complete design of an Air Quality Monitoring and Management System for ADNOC headquarter and all group companies. In order to serve all important clients, bid on new projects, as well as establishing better partnerships with other consultancies, instrument suppliers engineers etc suitable for complementing NILU’s expertise in various projects, it was decided to set up a branch office. In the current projects in UAE NILU has successfully co-operated with the UAE company Dome Oilfield Equipment & Services (DOME). Based on this positive relationship NILU has decided to use DOME as partner and the national service agent with co-located offices.

NILU establish office in United Arab Emirates

Professional air quality services

NILU UAE will be specialized in delivering services and systems for air quality surveillance and monitoring, advanced management tools and support services for various clients. NILU’s flexible and experienced project organization performs work such as:

  • Identification of air quality status, sources and trends
  • Design of monitoring networks
  • Construction of ambient monitoring stations and networks
  • Technical operation and maintenance of monitoring networks
  • Advanced management and assessment support

NILU has developed, installed and operates several integrated air quality management support solutions worldwide, which will be offered from the UAE office: 
AirQUIS An advanced, integrated GIS based management /modelling solution for professional management of air quality on national level, in urban areas or industrial areas/facilities.


A modern web-base data retrieval solution for on-line monitoring networks in combination with the professional data logger developed by NILU.

NILU establish office in United Arab Emirates


A state-of- the-art Internet based dissemination and presentation solution designed to provide air quality information in real time to public and/or experts. AirONLINE includes built-in solutions for WAP, SMS, and MMS etc.

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