NILU in Vietnam

Norwegian Institute of Air Research is currently involved in two projects in Vietnam. In Ho Chi Minh City NILU is supplying authorities with a comprehensive air quality monitoring and management system. In the city of Nha Trang, NILU is studying possible effects on humans caused by high levels of dangerous pollutants.

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is the largest city in Vietnam with more than five million people living in an area of 2,056 km2. Air pollution is increasingly becoming a high priority in this rapidly growing mega-city. Poor quality air has widespread adverse economic and social impacts.

The main exposure and human health impact seem to stem from millions of motorbikes filling the streets from early morning to late night. Simple counting has indicated that several streets have more than hundred thousand motorbikes passing through the street every day. Many people are spending a considerable time of the day along the streets and roads.

To identify and assess the air pollution situation in HCMC, NILU has installed a comprehensive air quality monitoring and management system. It is based on the NILU developed AirQUIS-system.

Presently AirQUIS it being used to measure and store air quality data from nine automatic monitoring stations in HCMC. NILU-trained local experts are operating the system. You can follow the air-quality situation in HCMC on this website:

NILU in Vietnam

The monitoring and management system established in HCMC will be used for future environmental impact assessment and for air quality planning. The final goal is to develop models and modelling systems that will enable local experts to perform optimal abatement planning and develop an air quality action plan for HCMC.

An immediate application of the data and modelling results may be as input to a new project focusing on a possible “Poverty and Health dimension” of air pollution. This project is mainly financed by the Asian Development Bank.

NILU in Vietnam

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