NILU in Vietnam

The Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NILU, has been appointed to develop and establish an air quality monitoring and management system for Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam.

The project is part of the Environmental Improvement Project developed by Asian Development Bank (ADB) and UNDP. NORAD supports the Norwegian part of the project. The Executing Agency for the Ho Chi Minh City Environmental Improvement Project Air Quality Monitoring component (HEIA) will be Department of Science, Technology and Environment (DOSTE).

NILU in Vietnam
To meet one of the main objectives described in the Project Documents, which is to give information on source/receptor relationships and identify the pollutants of greatest concern, and to develop plans for air quality improvements, NILU will build on the existing measurements established HCMC by Danish institutions funded by Danida.

A first mission to HCMC was undertaken in April 2002. NILU experts made an assessment of all existing equipment and knowledge. Report on the quality of work performed as well as an assessment of the training needed in the future is being reported to NORAD and to UNOPS (United Nations Office for Project Services) in Copenhagen.

NILU will develop and install 5 new monitoring sites in HCMC, undertake training and develop an air quality management system for HCMC, based on the NILU developed GIS based AirQUIS system. Installations and tests of all equipment has started at NILU, Kjeller. The complete set of equipment will be shipped ready-made to Vietnam as soon as all formal permits have been made available in HCMC.

NILU in Vietnam

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