NILU participates in Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE)

Research Unit on Biosphere – Aerosol – Cloud – Climate Interactions. The main objective of the new Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE) is to study the importance of aerosol particles on climate change and on human health.
Particularly, the research will focus on a) the effect of biogenic aerosols on global aerosol load, b) aerosol-cloud-climate interaction and c) the relationships between the atmosphere and different ecosystems (ocean and boreal forest).

Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) is participating in the Centre supporting emission inventories and modelling. NILU and the University of Oslo, Department of Geophysics have long ongoing fruitful co-operation. NILU has also direct connections to several Norwegian research units and teams, like to the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

NILU being responsible for EMEP CCC actively takes part in this effort and will make the results as well as their competencies on emissions available for the modeling within the NCoE

NILU will also participate in the modelling of regional and global distribution of aerosols and their contribution to radiative forcing and regional pollution. A number of Chemistry Transport Models (CTMs) will be used, including the global scale Oslo CTM2, the hemispheric scale NILU CTM and the regional scale HIRLAM. The Oslo and NILU models have extensive chemical schemes, which calculate interactively the ozone/OH distribution and the sulphur (SO2, DMS, sulphate) chemistry (Myhre et al., 1998). They are also used to study sea salt, mineral dust (Myhre and Stordal, 2001), and organic particle distribution (the latter currently only in the global model).

There is a close collaboration between the Norwegian and Swedish partners in the NCoE on aerosol observations in Ny-Ålesund. All instruments running there are part of this collaboration. In Norway the nucleus of the group is the long ongoing co-operation with professors Ivar S. A. Isaksen and Øystein Hov.

NILU participates in Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE)

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