NILU`s annual report 2002 available

The operation of NILU is continuing, and the annual account for 2002 is based upon this. The prospects for the future seem sound and are based on an adequate flow of contracts at the end of the year, writes the Board of Directors in the Annual Report for 2002, which is out now.

NILU takes an active part in the development, marketing, installation and use of user-friendly systems for air quality assessment.

This is an important business idea for NILU. The brand name is AirQUIS and the system incorporates in a modular way the most important aspects of the chain of elements in an environmental assessment process, ranging from emissions, measurements and their transfer from the sensor to the database, and customer orientation including interactive Internet solutions for our users.

Examples are shown in the recently published 2002 annual report. The English edition is out now and can be read or downloaded from NILU`s web site, while the Norwegian edition is under preparation and will be available shortly.

NILU's annual report 2002 available

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