NILU subsidiary in Poland

NILU established in December 2001 a subsidiary in Poland, NILU Polska Ltd. The director of the company is dr. Jozef M. Pacyna, who is also Director of Center for Ecological Economics at NILU, Kjeller, Norway. Dr. Janina Fudala is responsible for the coordination of projects and the daily management of NILU Polska Ltd.
NILU has for many decades had close contacts with environmental authorities and institutions in Poland. The cooperation with Poland was intensified in this field through the bilateral agreement between Norway and Poland in 2000 to exchange Poland’s debt to Norway into environmental initiatives. The initiatives are managed through ECOFUND in Poland.

The main mission of NILU Polska is to assist various stakeholders of the environment in Poland, including users of the environmental resources, environmental managers and planners, research scientists and academia, as well as the general public in their approaches to reduce environmental impacts caused by various socio-economic and natural drivers of environmental change in the most effective and economic manner. This mission will be carried out through a number of activities, like

  • transfer of clean industrial technologies, as well as the Nordic technologies for the generation and combustion of clean fuels in Poland, particularly biofuels from wastes and agriculture practices; transfer of technologies for purification of air, water and soil,
  • consulting and support of Polish authorities with respect to the assessment of environmental and economic benefits from and necessary investments for the implementation of international agreements on emission reductions for greenhouse gases and other chemicals, including the Kyoto protocol and the UN ECE protocols on emission reductions of various contaminants, as well as the implementation of the EU directives on the protection of the environment, particularly the Air Quality Directive, the Water Framework Directive and various directives related to waste treatment,
  • performance of joint research projects with Polish institutions and universities aiming at the development/ improvement of frameworks for better assessment of environmental changes and proper management of environmental resources, particularly research projects within the 6th Framework Programme of the EU and the Nordic Council of Ministers for the countries around the Baltic Sea, and
  • assistance to Polish institutions and authorities in their introduction to various structures of the EU, including the consulting and assistance in preparation of project proposals, business plans, and financial mechanisms.

At present, a few projects are in a preparatory phase.

Dr. Janina Fudala is responsible for coordination of NILU Polska tasks in Poland. She has had 30 years of experience in applied research on the protection of the environment in the Upper Silesia, mainly through her employment at the Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas in Katowice.

NILU subsidiary in Poland

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