Nipper Tower Brownfield Remediation Project – Camden, NJ


Courtesy of Regenesis

Site Summary

Built between 1915 and 1916, the “ Nipper Tower,” with its’ stained glass rendition of the RCA trademark of the Nipper dog listening to a phonograph watched over the Camden, NJ waterfront for 80 plus years. In 2000, a local
developer sought to redevelop the abandoned, vacant, underused and contaminated property (Brownfield) and move it back into productive use. The Nipper redevelopment was slated to become the first market rate housing in Camden in over 50 years. Prior to development, a site investigation revealed groundwater contamination and the need for chlorinated compound remediation.

Accelerated bioremediation using HRC was chosen as a simple, effective, costconscious and development friendly method of remediating the groundwater contamination. A pilot-scale treatment was implemented requiring four permeable reactive barriers, an excavation and a grid application. A grout wall was also installed to minimize aquifer flow and control the direction of its migration.

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