No more odor and corrosion case study


Courtesy of Kemira Water Solutions, Inc.

Sewer systems are vulnerable to corrosion and, at times, can be the source of unpleasant odors. Kemira’s new H2S-Guard tackles both problems, as in most cases the source of these issues is hydrogen sulphide, forming in septic areas, in other words areas where no oxygen for metabolic reactions is available.

The H2S-solution combines three important steps: measurement, monitoring and control of H2S. The automatic dosing and control system uses dedicated hydrogen sulphide measurement devices operating in real time. It measures H2S levels once a minute and sends the data via GPRS technology to a server, where software calculates and adjusts dosing rates to keep gas concentrations at an appropriate level. Data is stored and displayed on the Kemira web portal and can be accessed by anyone with the appropriate authorisation.

The system is supplemented with Kemira’s ranges of ferric and nitrate-based chemicals, which precipitate sulphides and/or prevent sewage from becoming septic.

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