No Safe Harbor: The shipping industry`s pollution problem

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Courtesy of, an award-winning investigative journalism organization, has released a major three-part series exposing the heavy public health and environmental damage of the commercial shipping industry. No Safe Harbor: The Shipping Industry's Pollution Problem, written by environmental correspondent Adam Sarvana, shows how the industry has for years avoided regulatory scrutiny even as it has become the backbone of the global economy and now contributes more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere each year than all airlines and railroads combined. Burning a sulfur-heavy oil industry byproduct called bunker fuel, commercial ships contribute to tens of thousands of pemature deaths each year and are considered under-regulated even by industry representatives, the story shows.

Part one documents the dangerous levels of soot, sulfur and other pollutants spewed by an ever-expanding fleet of cargo ships around the world, and the deadly implications not just for port cities but for communities hundreds of miles inland. In upcoming installments, the series examines why the industry's carbon dioxide and black carbon emissions - the two largest pollutants contributing to global warming - are greater than the world's railroad freight and airline industries combined. The series concludes with a look at the difficulties standing in the way of enacting stricter regulations.

No Safe Harbor is available at works to highlight stories on overlooked environmental and national security issues. recently featured Sarvana's investigations of the Pentagon's role in weakening national environmental regulations, the military's failure to compensate victims of a decades-long water contamination tragedy at Camp Lejeune, NC, and showed how a charismatic think tank activist has made a career of spreading misinformation about pesticides and public health in order to embarrass environmental groups.

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