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NO x emission model of turbofan engine


During last decade a lot of investigations also focused on the evaluation of aircraft engine impact on local and regional air quality in the vicinity of the airport. The emission inventory of aircraft engines are usually calculated on the basis of certificated emission indexes, which is provided by the engine manufacturer and reported in the database of ICAO. The certificated emission indices rely on well-defined measurement procedures and conditions during engine test. Under real circumstances, however, operation (power setting, time-in-mode and fuel flow rate) and meteorological (air temperature, humidity and pressure) conditions may vary from ICAO definition, consequently deviation from the certificated emission indices may occur. The TURBOGAS emission model was developed for assessment aircraft engine emissions with taking into account of the influence of the operational and meteorological conditions for to calculate precisely aircraft emission inventory, sanitary-hygienic zone around the airport and provide the environmental sustainability.

Keywords: aircraft engine emission, air pollution, emission model, emission indices, influence of operational conditions on engine emissions, aircraft emission inventory, the environmental sustainability

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