dBwave.i acoustic engineering, SA
dBwave.i acoustic engineering, SA

Noise mapping of industrial sources

Noise is often one of the environmental variables where it seems more difficult to guarantee full compliance with legal limits in complex industrial situations and/or in other multi-source environments. This paper describes the application of noise mapping techniques to industrial sources, such as factories, power plants, wind farms, showing the potential of its use, both at the design stage as well as for noise reduction plans of existing installations. Starting from the collection of noise sources data, reflecting and diffracting objects, cartography of the area around the site and identification of sensitive receivers, an acoustic model can be built and run according to ISO 9613 standard. This then allows one to produce noise source ranking, according to the individual contributions to the total noise, as well as comparing different noise control scenarios, thus enabling one to optimize the investment in noise control measures. Practical examples in Portugal and Spain are presented and discussed.

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