Noisy work environment: alert, educate and prevent


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Communication about noise levels is the key to safeguarding hearing

Noisy world, noisy work environment

Millions of workers are affected by high noise levels in industrialised as well as un-industrialised countries around the world. Also millions are exposed to noise loud enough, around 80dB(A) – 85dB(A), that they have to raise their voices to hold a conversation. Often described as the fifteenth most serious health problem, noise-induced hearing loss is not to be ignored.

A noisy work environment and noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented if the right processes and measurement tools are in place. In some environments, simple solutions can be used very effectively to act as warning systems showing potential problems.

Alert, educate and prevent:

These are the three main uses of PulsarSafeEar, the wall-mounted noise activated warning system. This is a simple tool that is currently used in a range of industrial settings around the world to inform staff and visitors in real-time about noise problems.

PulsarSafeEar is a basic warning system, yet sophisticated enough, to activate in response to certain noise levels. Very simply, a highly visual warning message or safety icon flashes on a master board when a pre-determined and pre-set noise level is captured via its microphone and exceeds its limit (in decibels).

Thanks to a clearly identifiable alert symbol, staff and visitors alike can take immediate action to protect themselves from noise by reaching for hearing protection or by taking appropriate action to reduce the noise levels around them. The trigger level is set, usually, in accordance to the application or environment it is set up. A good use of it would be in a workshop, garage, office, school (exam room), call centre, canteen or factory just to name a few.

PulsarSafeEar master board comes with a selection of messages such as ‘Silence, Quiet Zone” that can be used in quiet environments, for example in a library or hospital. Another version, designed specifically to be used in pubs, bars and nightclubs, displays 'Warning! High level of noise!' An alternative 'Hearing Protection Required' can be used in an industrial setting such as a garage or corridor prior to entering a production area by example.

There is more to this simple warning system. It can be adapted and extended to cover an area of up to 30 meters – ideal for large industrial premises or corridors leading to an exam room - by linking the master board to a series of ‘slave’ boards. Finally, there is an option to purchase a data logger and USB software to record noise levels over long periods of time, say over an entire shift, and produce a graph of the recording. All noise measurement data collected can be printed, exported and annotated for future reference. This is to keep as part of a health and safety strategy.

PulsarSafeEar: benefits at a glance

  • Quick & simple to install
  • Lights up and flashes a visual alert when a pre-set noise level is exceeded
  • Trigger level from 40dB(A) to 114dB(A)
  • Ideal for use in both noisy and quiet environments
  • Adjustable, high intensity white LED technology for high visual impact
  • 4 standard designs to cover all applications
  • Multi language variants available
  • Weight 0.6kg (1.3lbs)

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