Non Chemical Hardwater Scale Prevention System Specified worldwide


Courtesy of Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

Scaling caused by hard water is a major cause of energy wastage as well as providing maintenance problems.

Fluid Dynamics is the leading supplier of environment friendly solutions to the problems of hard water scale numbering many of the world’s leading companies among its customer s.  Kelloggs, Unilever, Kimberley Clark to name but a few.

Increasingly Fluid Dynamics scale preventers are being specified at the design stage of a system .. protecting from scaling  from day one.

Simple to install and using no energy they just become part of the pipework

Recent contracts  include the new Burberry Store in London, The new restaurant in The Shard .. London’s tallest building and a brand new retirement home being built in Hampshire, England.  Other recent specifications include the King Hussein Cancer Care Hospital in Jordan.

Fluid Dynamics exports its environmentally friendly water  treatment products all over the world. From the Seychelles to the Cook Islands and has distributors in many countries

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