Nonprofit takes the recycling world by storm

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WITS non-profit located in St. Louis Missouri has broken all the rules for 2006. In less than 5 years they have become 100% sustainable through their unique and one of a kind operation. What do they do? Recycling/reuse and community development. In less time thatn most for profits generate a revenue, the nonprofit has gone from a 20,000 budget to over half a million dollar budget. Recycling over 1.5 million lbs in 2005 and 3million in 2006 has offered a unique opportunity to the business and residential community. Now WITS is being recruited by national companies and govts. In Illinois, Kentucky, and Iowa to establish facilities and Collection events in several communities. In addition, they take almost every recyclable material from blenders and toasters to forklifts and medical equipment. They take just about everything recyclable.

Started in 2001 as a training organization, WITS was struggling to get by on volunteer help and grants. Once they received 501c3 status in mid 2002, the donations of electronics and computers started coming in. Businesses were happy to donate their materials to help put it back into the community and to get it out of their space. The bonus also included a tax deduction for them. In 2003, WITS began the first event collection event hosted by a non-govt entity. Their first event brought in 2 tractor trailers of materials. Now, WITS host 15-20 events hosted in Missouri and Illinois and will be hosting at least 3 more next year in Kentucky, Northern Illinois and Minnesota.

WITS has a 100% recycling 0% landfill policy, all materials not reusable back into the community are recycled and demanufactured at WITS facility. Over 5000 families, nonprofits, seniors, veteran and low income churches have received computers and training from WITS. From volunteers to full administrative and recycling staff, its even more important to think differently about what everyone isn’t recycling and should be.

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