NOSA Aerosol Symposium 2008: Climate effects of aerosols

Aerosol scientists in the Nordic countries and world-wide are invited to participate in a symposium in Oslo, Norway, on November 6-7, 2008, organised by the Department of Atmospheric and Climate Research at NILU, Norwegian Institute for Air Research. Keynote speakers are Andreas Stohl (NILU, Norway); Gunnar Myhre (CICERO, Norway); and Hannele Korhonen (University of Kuopio).

The Nordic Society for Aerosol Research (NOSA) has targeted annual Nordic symposiums on aerosol, within the field of aerosol science and technology. Each symposium will have a particular focus, but contributions covering all aspects of aerosol science are welcome. The invited speakers are usually chosen to present research within the year’s theme.

This year’s focus is Climate effects of aerosols.

NOSA Aerosol Symposium 2008: Climate effects of aerosols

Ambient aerosols are particulate matter suspended in gas with a size range from a few nanometers to approximately 100 micrometer. Sources of atmospheric aerosols can be both anthropogenic (e.g. industry, residential heating, vehicular traffic) and natural (e.g. sea spray, wild fires). Fine aerosols are demonstrated to cause negative health effects to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, which may cause premature death. Atmospheric aerosols also affect the radiative balance by scattering and absorption of solar and terrestrial radiation, known as the indirect effect. In addition, aerosols affect the radiative balance indirectly by affecting the optical properties, frequencies and lifetime of clouds.

In relation to this topic, plenary lectures will be given by the following invited key-speakers: Andreas Stohl (NILU, Norway); Gunnar Myhre (CICERO, Norway) and Hannele Korhonen (University of Kuopio).

NOSA Aerosol Symposium 2008: Climate effects of aerosols

What is NOSA?

NOSA is an organization consisting of members from the Nordic countries as well as other countries involved in aerosol research. The purpose of NOSA is:

  • to strengthen the cooperation within the Nordic aerosol research community;
  • to offer a network and a meeting place for Nordic aerosol scientists;
  • to disseminate the results of Nordic aerosol research to other scientists;
  • to widen the awareness regarding Nordic aerosol research among public and policymakers;
  • to encourage a multi-disciplinary dialogue between aerosol scientists and scientists within other fields of science where aerosol expertise is needed.

In particular, NOSA wants to encourage young scientists in the beginning of their scientific careers. Membership in NOSA is free of charge.

The annual NOSA meeting 2008 will be held in connection with the NOSA Aerosol Symposium in Oslo.

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