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Notice for use crane


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Safety rules must be followed
Crane can be operated by the professionals.
Tonnage plate must be mounted on marked place.
The name plate shall be on one side of crane that contains capacity, span, working duty, manufacturer sign plate.
There is not allowed anyone standing on bridge or rail when crane is working.
Cut power when check or maintaining.
When crane is operated with no load, hook must rise to over the height of a person.
The lowest point of load shall be higher than the highest point of obstacles 0.5m.
Prohibit tossing from crane
Loads are not allowed to cross people.
People transportation on hook is not allowed.
When lifting expensive load or noxious liquid, no matter how heavy it is, only after check reliability on the position that above ground 150-200mm can continually keep lifting.
Combustibles are not allowed to be positioned on crane.
Wind-force is more than class 6, stop using crane.
Wind-force is more than class 6, stop using crane.
Tools, spare parts and other parts are not allowed to be placed on the bridge or trolley, to avoid dropping hurts or damage equipment.
Check the surface of wire rope and its fixed parts each shift, detailed inspection should be made once every 7~10 days.
Crane should be made safety technical check in every 1 year.

Notice for use crane

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