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Nova Scotia - Communal Development case study


Courtesy of Quanics Incorporated

  • Site: Voyager Lakes Development
  • Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

“Unique” and “Visionary” are terms that have been used to describe the new equestrian oriented Voyageur Lakes development outside Halifax, Nova Scotia. Voyageur Lakes is a mixed-use development that includes, residential homesites, shops and at the heart of the development an Equestrian Center. Voyageur Lakes is also unique in that the developers utilized decentralized technology for the developments wastewater system. In the fall of 2006, construction began on a Quanics, Inc recirculating sand filter system to provide treatment to approximately 28,000 gallons per day.

The large-scale recirculating sand filter is composed of 6 individual cells that measure 55’ x 45’. Each cell is dosed via a duplex alternating pumps housed in custom built filtered pump vaults. Utilizing pre-assembled distributing valve packages allows sequential dosing of the individual lateral zones within each respective cell. Efficient use of a custombuilt cast-in place tank to house all pumps underneath a control room building reduced the overall footprint of the system. Quanics provided a pre-cut and partially assembled sand filter kit, which included the liners, supply manifolds, laterals, and return piping. Because the sand filter was essentially built by Quanics then disassembled and shipped to the site, installation by the contractor was efficient and simplified. The treated effluent is disinfected utilizing a gravity ultraviolet disinfection system and is then pressure dosed to the disposal area. Disposal occurs through a 400’ long open surface trench, which diffuses the treated wastewater before it gravity flows along the natural grade into a wetland area and ultimately into surface water.

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