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Novel nanoplatform for oral delivery of anti–cancer biomacromolecules

Oral administration of bio–macromolecules is an uphill task and the challenges from varying pH and enzymatic activity are difficult to overcome. In this regard, nanotechnology promises the new hope and offers advantages such as controlled release, target specific delivery, combinatorial therapy and many more. In this study, we demonstrate the formulation of a novel alginate enclosed, chitosan coated ceramic, anti cancer nano carrier (ACSC NC). These NC were loaded with multi functional anti cancer bovine lactoferrin (Lf), a natural milk based protein, for improvement of intestinal absorption, in order to develop a novel platform to carry anti cancer protein and/or peptides for oral therapy. Here we demonstrate the size, morphology, internalisation and release profiles of the nanoparticles (NC) under varying pH as perceived in human digestive system. We further determine the uptake of these particles by colon cancer cell lines by measuring the endocytosis and transcytosis of the NC. These NC can be used for future targeted protein/peptide or nucleic acid based drug delivery to treat difficult diseases including cancer.

Keywords: nanocarriers, oral drug delivery, anti–cancer proteins, chitosan, alginate, ceramic nanocores, bovine lactoferrin, endocytosis, transcytosis, nanotechnology, cancer drugs, anti–cancer biomacromolecules, milk based protein, intestinal absorption, nanoparticles, colon cancer cells

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