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NOx re-burn simulation in a double-jet counter-flow flame

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The paper investigates the main features of NOx emission in a laminar double-jet counter-flow diffusion flame for later use as a possible physical model for NOx reduction through turbine in situ reheat. The oxidizer stream consists of exhaust gas resulted from a conventional combustor and the fuel stream is represented by an air?methane mixture. The main interest rests on the distribution of NOx species and especially on NO production rate that controls the pollutant emission index. The most interesting outcome of the research is that NO emission index has a minimum value depending on the equivalence ratio of the air?methane mixture.

Keywords: combustion, NOx emissions, numerical modelling, pollutant emissions, nitrogen oxide, double-jet counter-flow flames, laminar diffusion flames, air?methane mixture, exhaust gas re-burn, re-burn simulation, air pollution, gas turbines

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