NSR Reform - Where We Stand Today

The recent change in White House leadership, along with last summer's California energy crisis and fluctuating costs at the gasoline pump, put U.S. energy policies under a microscope in a manner not seen since the oil crisis of the early 1970s. Soon after taking office, President Bush tasked Vice President Cheney with developing a comprehensive national energy policy to assure abundant, reliable energy production for the next century. During that process, one area of concern has been the manner in which New Source Review (NSR) may impact energy production in the electric utility and petroleum refinery industry sectors. Industry representatives have seized upon this opportunity to find a new forum to address long-simmering industry complaints regarding the interpretation and implementation of the NSR program both within and external to domestic energy production. Resolution of these issues has been stalled as a result of recent national crisis. This article examines the review of the NSR program to date and summarizes the current status of the debate over the proposed reforms.

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