Numerical Simulation of Spray Pattern in a Liquid Flashing Column

Spray columns and towers are fundamental in many industrial applications. Understanding the spray pattern in these dynamic environments is very important in the design of an overall spray system solution. Traditional laboratory physical experiments can be time-consuming, expensive, and sometimes impossible to complete. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling can be used effectively in this area.
In this case study, a slurry feedstock is injected into a reaction column through numerous nozzles and a significant amount of the feed gets flashed quickly after exiting the nozzles. The gas from flashing produces a complicated flow field in the column that has a great impact on the spray pattern. A critical factor in the operating process is a requirement that the spray have good coverage over the column while not impinging on the sidewalls. CFD is used to optimize the position and the orientation of each nozzle in this spraying system.

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