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Nursing home trial case study


Courtesy of PyroPure Ltd.

A trial of the PyroPure PP3.5 system was undertaken at the Lynwood Nursing Home in Sunninghill, Berkshire, over a period of just over 2 months, 21 January to 31 March 2009. At the time, this 87 bed nursing home had weekly collections of 5 large (1,100 litre) bins of incontinence waste.

Following agreement from the Home and after obtaining permissions from Thames Water, the Environment Agency and the Local Authority, a PyroPure PP3.5 unit was installed in a convenient location on a raised, sheltered area close to the bins. This version of PyroPure is considerably larger than the new PP5 system. A total of 62 bags of this offensive/hygiene category waste, weighing a total of 255kg, were processed by this PyroPure system over the course of the trial, with one or two bags being treated each cycle of operation of the system. Loads of up to 11.2kg at a time were successfully destroyed by the unit. The system was loaded manually, illustrated below with a bag which weighed 7.4kg.

Load weight, cycle time, machine performance and material residue following treatment were recorded for each cycle of operation. The appearance of the chamber following the processing of this 7.4kg load is shown below, illustrating minimal residue and no need for manual emptying. Staff at the Home were trained in the operation of the system and collaborated with the weighing of the bags before depositing them in the PyroPure unit. The system was found to be relatively straightforward to use, though the lid mechanism and control panel have been made easier to use in the PP5 model. A small side-bin was found to be useful to hold bags awaiting processing when the PyroPure was in operation. The trial demonstrated that the PyroPure unit was capable of processing all the incontinence waste from this large nursing home and

replacing the weekly collection of five bins. This would free up space in the car park and improve appearance as well as offering convenience, improved hygiene and cost-saving benefits.

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