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Oakbank engineering report case study


Courtesy of Nordevco Associates Ltd.

Tadeusz Smoter, Professional Engineer registered in the Province of Manitoba, 31 Nikki Lane, Winnipeg, MB R2V 4M3, Canada, have examined the results and all relevant information dealing with a biological treatment done by Nordevco Associates Ltd. of the accumulated sludge in the primary cells of the Oakbank lagoon system in the Rural Municipality of Springfield in the Province of Manitoba.

Documentation Used in the Assessment of the Treatment.

  • Resolutions and correspondence leading up to the treatment.
  • Reports of the independent third-party consultant in charge of sludge level and water level
  • measurements before and after the treatment.
  • Verification of all documentation detailing the chain of custody of the said samples transmitted by the third-party consultant to the Enviro- Test Laboratory in Winnipeg.
  • The results of all laboratory analyses pertaining to the said treatment including the results of sampling carried out by Nordevco Associates Ltd., the contractor.

Field Verification. : Site visitation in order to compare the information received with the actual treatment site.

Biological Product Verification.
The lagoon treatment consisted of an application of a Nordevco Associates Ltd. biological product
labelled BactiDomus® Technology Product # 402.

  • The product itself is a fine powder that consists of a inorganic carrier material ( a potassium aluminum silicate) on which a consortium of microorganisms has been implanted.
  • Some of these microorganisms are facultative anaerobic allowing them to function under anoxic and/or anaerobic conditions.

It should be pointed that, according to Nordevco, the organisms that constitute the active components of the product have been or are in the process of being notified with the New Substances Branch in accordance with the stipulations of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act ( 1999 ) for appearance on the Domestic Substances List.

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