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Obsolescence types and the built environment - definitions and implications

In view of the literature to date as well as anecdotal conversations with practitioners and consultants in various sectors of the built environment industry, it is observed that the term 'obsolescence' is scarcely used or comprehended with its diverse implications. In the context of climate change impacts this term is even more uncommon. This paper describes implications of the term in the form of definitions and types of obsolescence from various perspectives, including the built environment and climate change. This study also briefly explains that obsolescence is a multi–faceted entity and the comprehension of its concept and implications can help to effectively manage the built environment in a sustainable manner, particularly to the face of climate change. This paper can stimulate both debate as well as further research in industry and academe, respectively.

Keywords: climate change, built environment, obsolescence types, sustainable development, sustainability, environmental legislation, obsolescence risks

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