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Odor mitigation in a Lagoon wastewater system (ID1591) - Case study


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Garretson, South Dakota

'Odor events' every spring

SolarBee SB10000 unit in cell #1 and cell #2

Mixers 'cap' and prevent odors from escaping to the atmosphere

Spring, not sewage, is in the air for residents of Garretson, South Dakota

SolarBee® mixers from Medora Corporation help reduce prolonged odors from total-containment wastewater treatment system.

Garretson, South Dakota, pop. 1,166, a rural and agricultural community 20 miles northeast of Sioux Falls, suffered through an 'odor event' from the wastewater treatment plant every spring. 'For several weeks, odors would roll over the whole town when the wind was from the right direction,' said Craig Nussbaum, utilities superintendent for Garretson. 'We work on limited funds, so there wasn't much we could do. We hoped the weather would take care of it.' Weather being weather, of course, it rarely cooperated.

But while looking through a magazine one day, Nussbaum learned about SolarBee mixers and thought they might be the answer to the odor problem. 'They're in neighboring North Dakota, so I decided to give them a call,' said Nussbaum.

Garretson's total-containment wastewater treatment system consists of seven ponds or cells totaling 35.2 surface acres and 46.8 MG. The cells are no more than five feet deep and rely on evaporation to remove water. SolarBee engineers recommended that Nussbaum install a solar-powered mixer in each of two ponds, both to control odors and help reduce organic digestive sludge build-up.

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