Odour Control case study


Courtesy of WaStop International AB

References from WaStop International´s own patented products. WaStop, WaBack and WaReg solves problems in a secure and efficient way.

Odour on Carl Johann, Oslo - NORWAY

Torg Street in Olso has had an ongoing and longstanding problem with sewage odors from the sewer drains. To stop this problem 52 WaStop DN 100 have been installed. These check valves now protect cable culverts from water during torrential rainfall and the odor is stopped from being forced up to the street.

The sewage odor is not missed by either the shop owners affected or Olso Council!

WaStop 790, Stockholm - SWEDEN

The discharge of odours or aggressive gases from sewage systems can be a major problem in built up areas. By installing a WaStop in the system discharge can be stopped, or directed to a less sensitive area. By installing WaStop insects and small animals are stopped from entering storm and waste water drains.

This check valve were installed in Stockholm to prevent odour coming up from the sewege system and affect the nearby houses. The smell that was a big problem before is now gone.

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