Odour control with Direct Cold Plasma

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Courtesy of Schenck Process Group

Odour emission during the production or processing of food and feed is often an unwelcome side effect. However, by using cold plasma technology, the smell can be reduced up to 95%.

Increasingly, feed manufacturers are being required to address the issue of emitting of odour and harmful contaminants into the surrounding community. Local communities, special interest groups and government legislation all bring pressure to bear on factories to minimize real or perceived risks of contamination. There are no universally applied standards for odour or Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC) emissions, and to provide solutions that fit specific factory needs can be complex. There is no single solution but understanding the feed manufacturers problems certainly helps a great deal.

Customer comments

  1. By Kyle Hankinson on

    I think there should be universally applied standards for odor or VOC emissions, just like with chemical emissions. KCH Servicesat http://www.kchservices.com produces odor control systems for metal finishing industries. Maybe they need to look into the food industry.